Friday, 13 July 2012

Vicky Haigh - an update

Just to update my earlier post about the Mail article on Vicky Haigh, it seems that my surmise was correct - new life in an earlier and dormant case came about because of a partially successful appeal by Ms. Haigh against sentence.

No judgment has been made public but this report appeared in the Worksop Guardian.

Vicky Haigh Appeal

So there was some reduction in the sentence but it what remained was very substantial.  I'm not going to pontificate as to the wrongs and rights of this - I wasn't at the hearing so I just don't know.  I'm starting to think that the only proper place to criticise a judge's decision is in the Notice and Grounds of Appeal.  Commentators should perhaps limit themselves to calling for law reform or supporting further appeals, if warranted.  Attacking a judge's decision in a specific case outside the court's procedures is fraught with danger and it's all too easy to become hostage to the partial truths and partisanship of those close to one party or the other.

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