Monday 16 January 2012

Your first visit to your family law solicitor

I have just come across Alan Larkins family law blog.  Alan is a member of the team at a specialist Brighton firm, Family Law Partners.  He has recently written an immensely helpful blog on how to prepare for a first meeting with your solicitor, focused mainly on the financial and property aspects of a separation.  I can do little better than to post a link to it:

Time is money, certainly as far as lawyers are concerned.  If you prepare yourself in advance for your meeting, you can save a serious amount of time and hence cling on to more of your money - what's not to like about that?  Alan's list of things to do also helps focus on what your solicitor need from you in order to help you and, by implication, by missing  things off the list suggests what things just waste time.  If it's not in the list, it's unlikely to be of any value.  It will just take up expensive time and reduce your bank balance. 

I know you feel deeply hurt by what your partner has done to you but a full blow by blow account of how things have fallen apart takes up a great deal of time and very rarely affects what a court is going to order.  That's something which is conspicuously missing from Alan's list, and with good reason!


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